I finally turned 19 on the 12th of March. I now only have 1 year to enjoy being a teenager. In my head I didn't see 19 as much of a milestone but I've now realised its as important as any other birthdays. This I'd why I didn't end up buying an outfit for the meal. I put together something that was already in my wardrobe and I like the turn out. Me and my friends went to Las Iguanas which is a restaurant that sells Mexican and South American dishes. Needless to say it was great.
My mom also took me out yesterday to Bellagiuos which is an Italian. I'm thankful to those close to me for the great birthday I had.

I also tried out a new seller for the Brazilian weave that I now have in. I bought it from a seller on eBay but it turned out really good, I'm going to purchase another pack of 22" soon to make it look fuller.

Shirt - Zara
Skinny jeans - H&M
Shoes - Zara

More pictures of my hair and what products i use to keep it good will be coming soon. These were taken with my iphone so the quality isn't the best.


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