It's been a while.

Hello, I had paused personal blogging for a while as I was involved in several projects and alongside uni work and my part time job it all just got a bit too much to handle. However everything has calmed down now and really excited to be blogging again.

I'm currently a fashion editor for my university's media website and I'm enjoying that so much as I've learnt that the editing job isn't as easy as it looks. you don't only have to assign articles to people but you also have to read thoroughly for mistakes, chase after people for work and also write articles yourself so its not an easy job but it's really good experience.
I'm also a blogger/ contributor for Swallow Our Words (click to view) it's fast becoming one the the UK's media website and they cover everything from trends, fresh trainers to arts, news and lifestyle so definitely check them out.

I regret to say I've worked most of this summer and didn't give myself time to apply for an internship and get more experience. However I'm trying to get some now for the next few weeks before university starts and it's proving quite hard. The journalism industry is very popular and hard to get into but i'll keep working hard.

As you can see I've had another hairstyle change, I'm one of those people who's easily bored. And luckily enough as a black girl you can change your hair to anything without anyone questioning you. My friends and work colleagues are always surprised because I change my hair all the time and I've got a bit wary of explaining so I let them come to their own conclusions.

I was running some errands with my mom when i saw this cute jacket in New Look, it went really well with my outfit so I got it and swapped the shirt I was wearing for this. And recently I've found myself swapping black for navy. I also got these boots quite a while ago but I haven't had much wear out of them until now. I had even contemplated selling them but I've decided to keep them. Outfit details below. 

Aztec Jacket - New Look (sold out, similar here)
White Cami -  Forever 21
Joni Jeans - Topshop (here)
Cut out boots - Asos (here)


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