Seems like some places have already started snowing and looking Christmassy. But in my head I'm hoping and praying for no snow, unless its on Christmas day. I am anti snow, rain and cold, which is unfortunate for me living in the UK. However I do love looking through magazines and seeing winter wonderland spreads and such.

Almost every season a designer uses one of these colors to either create a minimalist, edgy or androgynous look and it always works. I was looking a a few white collections and came across Thierry Mugler's A/W 12 White Sci-Fi collection. Although white might be associated with weddings and all things delicate, this collection was anything but. The sleek tight silhouettes with exaggerated shoulders create a dramatic look which isn't for everyone.

In my current student state I can't afford any items from his collection but I have drawn a bit of inspiration from his collection in the shape of my nails. For most of this winter I will have my nails painted white as I feel this is my way of having a piece of the collection. I also like the way it contrasts with my skin. 

Rings: pinky ring (River Island) index ring (YSL arty Ebay)


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