Florian Wowretzko.

Whilst browsing through instagram, I came across Florian Wowretzko's Graduate Collection Fall/Winter 13/14 for men. It is filled with sharp, edgy pieces with manly strong silhouettes. A mix of jersey, leather and tweed is used to create pieces that I could see Kanye West and other leather lovers wearing. I could even see myself wearing a few of these. The bondage and draping on some of them create a great flow in the clothes. I never realized how good graduate collections were. They are a great place to see new and upcoming trends. 

I am currently watching the last episode of Gossip Girl so this won't be a long post as I'm writing this post during breaks. I'm also staying away from twitter and ignoring my friends's texts as they've watched it before me and would probably try to ruin it for me. Will see how it goes, I hope the ending is good. 


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