Since seeing a preview on instagram I've been so excited for the main pictures to come out showcasing this product. Its a mixture of the things I love most, African prints and black (leather at that!). There are many brands starting out atm but I would say this is the one to watch. Individualization to the max. Teff, who is of Nigerian descent had fabrics bought for her in Nigeria to create the collection. 
Here it is, the collection I was so excited to share yesterday. The collection  has been cleverly named Alchemy and here's a snippet of what the designers said : 

'A visual product of NYC collaborative, The Archetects. The Alchemy collection is comprised of two key pieces that focuses on infusing African wax fabric with leather, hence, the use of the term, Alchemy; designed by teff, THE don, sewn by Zunyda Watson'

Each of their garments are handmade and they will be starting to take orders by the end of the month for thsoe who are interested. Follow their Tumblr for more information. 


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