I'm going to confess a secret my journo lecturer probably wouldn't like. I'm an avid Daily Mail reader.
But anyway after seeing an article about Russia, I was struck by this picture of this woman. The area was described to be poor but this picture to me proved that you don't need money to have style. Her outfit is very simple and has a 90s edge to it that is on trend this season.
My love for dungarees has definitely returned, I bought a skirt pinafore version from Topshop before Christmas and an outfit post will be coming soon.

Here are some great ones:
Vintage 90s Grunge
Black denim tie-dye
Skirt Pinafore

The last couple of weeks have been tiresome. Trying to catch up with uni work is not fun but I guess I should've taken the first term more seriously. Most people say first year isn't that important but I do want to do well and hopefully get a first. All this has kind of taken my focus off blogging but I'm attempting to get back to a consistent state of mind with everything in my life with blogging involved.
There are a lot of things I'm dipping my hands in, I've started writing for the university newspaper (will post scans) and also Swallow our words (a blog post will be dedicated to this soon).


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