Nights out.

I haven't had time to do any outfit posts lately and my camera somehow grew wings and flew away from me. But I will look for it until I find it this weekend. On that note I will be sharing some pictures that I took on a nigh out. During my first term at Uni I did turn into a party girl but I'm calming down now and starting to focus on the goals that I want to achieve.

I've recently started writing for UK website Swallow Our Words - if you have a moment, click on the link ad check it out. We cover everything from fashion, gossip, music reviews and culture.

And today I got the position of online fashion editor for my student newspaper online e-mag which will be launched at the start of April. The link for that will be posted as soon as the site goes live.

Besides being a little behind on Uni work I feel my life is on the right track at this moment. This was a little personal post but I wanted to share my news.


Yes, we are all wearing black. And no it wasn't planned.


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